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Post Housepets! Forums Index: The Comic
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[The Comic] | [Translation Projects] | [Old Comic Discussion]

Forum-Wide Notices

[Before You Register!] - Now Obsolete information from the days when admin approval was required to register.

[Commission Exclusive, guys (all slots filled)] - Rick offered us commissions before anyone else! (The slots, obviously, didn't last long.)

[Forum Rules] - No Explanation Necessary.

The Comic

[*squee*] - The first thread with a squee in the title.


[A Housepets Theme Song] - Buck's marvelous singing adventure.

[A little surprise] - The first attempt to colorize the comic, from way back in December '08!

[A Very Dorky Housepets Fanart] - mathgrant makes puzzles.

[About page updated]

[Accepting Guest Comics] - I submitted one, but it wasn't used.

[Age?] - Just how old are the pets?

[All The King's Men] - Discussion of the King-centric prose.

[Another bit of fanart] - Choichi made some fanart!

[Another Housepets!-Themed Logic Puzzle] - Have I mentioned that mathgrant makes puzzles?

[Another suggestion for the comments page] - ReCreate tries to be helpful.

[Anti-Human Bias?] - The allegations begin.

[Arc 32: The Dog Days of Summer] - Current story arc discussion, sponsored by Buck.

[Avatars] - Want a Housepets!-themed avatar to differentiate yourself from all the other members?

[Bino's history of development] - Bino was the hero?

[Bonuses Page open] - It didn't always exist!

[Breeds?] - Exploring the issue of breeds. Just what kind of cat is purple, anyway?

[Character Dossiers] - Thoth has too much time on his hands.

[Changing in Looks?] - Some people are just now noticing the style change.

[Comic 100!] - Celebration of the 100th Housepets! strip.

[Comic Reviewed!]

[Comicpress 2.8] - Ebly tries to be helpful.

[Creative Writing Assignment] - An early form of fan fiction.

[Crowning Moments of ______]

[Dogucation] - You know, like... education... for dogs! Also, cats.

[Doods, Housepets! has a TV Tropes page!] - Or so I've been told.

[Fan Comic] - No longer extant, I'm afraid. *shakes head sadly*

[Fanart from the WebcomiCritic]

[Favorite of Miles and Lucretia's cubs]

[Flowers and ovation] - Rick's awesome. Rick's awesome what!?

[Forum needs moar questions] - Ask and ye shall receive, or somesuch!

[Goleous little Retribution.] - merkamerka. Don't ask. I said don't ask.

[have a present] - Probably not a secret bomb.

[He Changed It And Now It Sucks: Blog Posts?] - In which Rick considers whether he should be more open and communicative.

[He Changed It And Now It Sucks: Character Design] - Rick explains the reasoning behind the dramatic style change.

[He Changed It And Now It Sucks: Scripting] - Are you starting to see a pattern?

[Hi! + Bonus] - Arguably the best self-introduction to date.

[Housepets! 2nd Anniversary]

[Hoosenpetten Facenbooken] - Discussion of the various fan groups on Facebook.

[Housepets characters as humans] - Huh?

[Housepets! Counter Strike Sprays]

[Housepets! first flash animation.]

[Housepets Emoticon Pack 1.0.1] - Nonfunctional links. Don't ask.

[Housepets in real life]

[Housepets! Information Thread] - Buck's buy-in to moddom. Hey, that's a palindrome!

[Housepets! is Wikifur's Featured Comic]

[Housepets! Named Best Anthro Comic of 2009]


[Housepets! on paper?] - Will there be an HP book?

[Housepets! on Wikipedia]

[Housepets! Radio Show]

[Housepets! Revisited]

[Housepets: The Animated Series] - When will Rick contract out to a Korean Animation Studio?

[Housepets! : The Pridelands Discussion Topic]

[Housepets Theme Video (HD: 720p resolution)] - Is this still available? I dunno.

[Housepets! Voice Acting]

[HP Wallpaper Pack (FullHD) 1.3 - 20 wallpapers in total now!] - Inactive links. Don't ask.

[How do i comment on the strips?] - There is a comment box!

[I can has moar questions?] - Somebody likes to drain brains.

[Interview on The Villain's Corner] - Rick's first interview. Listen here, listen, hear!

[Interview with ACTFur] - Those Silly Aussies wrangled Rick.

[Is there a chat room for Housepets?] - Ja!

[Issues] - Ack!

[Korean Fanart] - Arguably the best kind of fan art.

[Making a Fanart Gallery, Link Banners] - Yay, a place for fanart!

[Maxwell looks like the Cheshire cat.]

[Merch Ideas] - Because even when there were only two pages in the forum, people made duplicate threads.

[Merchandise Ideas!!] - Discussion of merchandise: "What would you buy?"

[Need Signatures?] - Dylan's attempt to get promoted.

[New Site Design] - He Changed It And Now It Sucks.

[Nominate Housepets!] - You know, for the Ursa Majors.

[Ownership Awareness?] - How do other owners treat their pets?

[Pete = Good, Tarot = Evil?] - An interesting hypothesis, certainly.

[Possible future anthology] - Now with more anthologizing!

[Power Wheels] - Unleash the mini-cars!

[Pridelands Videogame] - Awesome fan art in the form of a fake video game cover.

[Problem with the comments section] - There is not a comment box!

[Promoting the comic] - Hop to it, guys.

[Question] - An idle mind is the Devil's playground.

[Riakoo: You inspired this...] - Cards, apparently?

[Rick Griffin's "Creative Process"] - An entirely accurate look at how Rick's creative juices flow.

[Rick, 1 question.]

[Separated at birth]

[Should King get a new owner.] - No.

[Side-character Appreciation Thread]

[So many questions...] - Keeshah has some questions for Rick.

[So many MORE questions...] - Keeshah continues the interrogation!

[Sonata for My Boyfriend...]

[Speaking of McCloud...]

[speculations and paranoias] - I think Joel is gone for good and Pete will slowly erase all traces of him from King's memory.

[Story?] - Story?

[Story Arcs and Tags] - There was a time before we had them.

[T-shirt for you to wear!] - You'd better buy one, or else!

[T-Shirts Again] - They really are nifty!

[Taking all Bets] - $50 on Ebly smacking me around for making bets when I shouldn't waste my money that way.

[The Art of HPC]

[The Colours, The Colours!] - Green Max?

[Tiger's bio]

[To Rick] - Everyone should participate in this increasingly-creepy love letter to Our Beloved Master.

[Transcribing] - Now you can help the comic using only your keyboard!

[TWC Updates]

[Updating Cast Page] - I made about a dozen images for this back in December. *offers them to Rick*


[Vote for Housepets!] - Exhortation of the Masses.



[What do YOU think fiddler and key's genders are?] - Female and Male, obviously (in no particular order).

[What other characters does the Housepets cast remind you of?]

[Wild Mass Guessing] - Insane speculation from Way Back When!

[World political allegories inside Housepets] - In which Rick is revealed to be a secret genius.

[You know what Rick?]

[Your favourites]

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

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Post Housepets! Forums Index: Translation Projects Sub-Forum
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[The Comic] | [Translation Projects] | [Old Comic Discussion]

Translation Projects Sub-Forum

[Arabic Translation] - Housepets is big in Arabic-speaking countries.

[Blank and Reversed] - For translators who like to use mirrors.

[Blank Comics] - For translating, among other things.

[Colored B&W versions [Refur project]] - More successful than the original colorations!

[[Discussion] New Spanish Translation]

[Dutch Translation?] - Not to be confused with Deutsch Translation!

[French translation] - Oui, monsieur, I have run out of French.

[German Translation] - Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Ja oder nein!

[Hebrew! hellz ya!] -

[Home Pets! (Four or less translation)]

[Housepets!: Lolspeak Translation] - badguy in ktchn. kthnx.

[Italian Translation] - Dulce.

[Japanese Translation]

[Mandarin Chinese Translation (Characters and Pin-yin)]

[Musical Translation] - "I can't believe everybody is ad-liiiibbing!"

[New Spanish Translation] - Now with twice as much Spanish!

[Spanish translation]

[Swedish Translation] - The Swedes are coming!

[Ye Olde English Translation] - Verily, forsooth!

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

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Post Housepets! Forums Index: Old Comic Discussion Sub-Forum
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[The Comic | [Translation Projects | [Old Comic Discussion]

Old Comic Discussion Sub-Forum

[Arc 30: The Present] - The Present is the comic.

[Arc #31: Spot McCloud Presents Comics] - If you're a nerd, you'll giggle from deep in your giggler.

[Comic Discussion: One-offs set #11] - This was before Buck decided on his thread-naming scheme.

[Increasingly Bizarre Implications] - Notoriously Normal.

[Old Comic Discussion: "Imaginate" to "Imaginate, too!"] - We planned this joke for an awfully long time.

[One-Offs: Set #12] - In the 12th set of one-offs, my true love gave to me...

[One-Offs: Set #13] - 13th set of one-offs. Yeah, I got nothin'.

[Question about the "Imaginate, Too!" story arc] - Are we imaginating again?

[The "I don't understand this comic" thread] - Some people don't get it. Well, I don't get them. o.O

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:37 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: The Comic
Now with more threads!

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:44 pm
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